Things I’ve seen (I)

A bunch of images from the last few weeks in Berlin:

Fuck yeah, animal with cast.

Also, hamsterbirds.

A present for my newlywed friend, made by Johanna.

Post-wedding bikes in Görlitzer Park.

There is always at least one fluffy cat asleep in this window when I pass by.

Wandered into a punk street party in front of this building.

A newcomer on Schlesische Straße.

Lucy scuffs through the omnipresent fluff.

Doorway art.

Who loves you? Hooray, my first Polish graffiti sighting.

Observe the fish dress!

Part II

One response to “Things I’ve seen (I)

  1. ahhhhh, I love positive street art! Nine, I love you. that’s who :)

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