My name’s Nine. I’m from Northern Ireland via Scotland, and nowadays I’m travelling indefinitely. I’m a member of the redundancy club, a zine kid, and a cheapskate. I will edit your words for money, take care of your home and pets for a place to stay, and DJ at your event for the fun of it. I am skilled in the art of finding cheap ways to get from A to B via C, D and E. I’m kind of a language geek and I’m currently learning Malay. My areas of interest include sex work, trans issues, synaesthesia, the TV show M*A*S*H, and the Eurovision Song Contest. My claims to fame include interviewing a whole bunch of mid-nineties indie bands and a brief but cordial correspondence with the king of Cambodia. You can find links to articles I’ve written for various publications via jinx removing dot org, and you can find me hanging out somewhere on the queer-punk-anarchist spectrum.