Things I’ve seen (II)

More recent images from Berlin:

This car is held together by neon.

Bear this in mind.

Another one nearby, which I didn’t get a picture of, said Ni dieu, ni maître, ni tofu.

Support your local antifa …

… and laugh at yuppies.

I imagine this is someone I should recognise, though possibly not Ryan Van Winkle.

Clearly from the same set. Any insights? (And another set, from Paris, is over here if you feel like participating.)

Badass vegan penguins.

Check out the poodle stool! Taken inside Konrad Tönz.

This is no leak – this is a geysir.

Feel free to reblog the fuck out of this one.

3 responses to “Things I’ve seen (II)

  1. cheech and chong, maybe?

  2. Oh hell, you’ve just reminded me that in the Guardian about a fortnight ago there was a great penguin cartoon and I meant to hold on to it for you, for Alice. And I forgot. Damn. It was kinda cutely funny, too, I seem to recall…

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