Somos los de abajo

Around 200,000 people (estimates vary, as always) demonstrated in Barcelona yesterday. Since I didn’t know anybody there, I focused on taking a lot of pictures. Blame me for any clunky translations.

Mi vida
My life is not your Monopoly board

I would not be able to look my children in the eyes and tell them they had to live like this because I did not dare to fight

Rise up!
Rise up! We are 99%

People of Europe
People of Europe rise up

We are all Greece

Social inequality is more violent than any protest

1) We’re getting out of your speculative spiral
2) Corporations have no soul to save and no body to incarcerate. They have no inherent right to exist!

PPSOE guilty
[PP and PSOE are the two main parties in Spain]

I only distinguish right from left when I masturbate

Neo liberalism
1) Those who do not move do not notice their chains. – Rosa Luxemburg, Marxist ideologist
2) It’s obsolete but they call it Neo. It’s the oppressor but they call it Liberalism

No somos
We’re neither the left nor the right, we are the underdogs and we’re coming for the overlords

Real Democracy Now
Sorry for the inconvenience, this is a revolution

Hi ha poc
There isn’t enough bread for so many sausages!
[‘chorizo’/’xoriço’ means ‘sausage’ but is also slang for ‘burglar’]

Housing is a right, not a business

The ideals are bulletproof. Justice, equality and liberty are more than words, they’re goals.

You can’t kill the idea

Good news! The market’s going really, really well!

La diferencia
The difference between revolution and evolution is the ‘r’ for … responsibility! It’s within our grasp to change the world

Welcome to Corruptland

Journalists: If you know that your radio station, TV station or newspaper manipulates the news and you don’t denounce it, you are complicit in deceiving the people, your parents and children

Unite the struggles

Neighbourhoods, hospitals, workplaces: if they’re cut, general strike!

Democracy is voting for someone to represent you, not choosing IMF puppets


Where are you, democracy?


IMF, Goldman Sachs etc: You are the plague, you will go to hell
Wall Street is War Street

#Spanishrevolution from Spain to the rest of the world
Italy – Mexico – France – NYC – Ireland – Argentina – Berlin – Copenhagen – London town – Stuttgart
We are all Iceland

Daddy, how was the freedom like?

No work
No home
No education
No future

Democracy? Hahahahaha

[Barcelona stock exchange, plastered with ‘Guilty’ stickers]

Rebels without a home

Basta ya
Enough already! Society is in a state of total helplessness. We need you!

We want a Europe run for the people, not by the ‘markets’

Privatisation: it isn’t health, it’s business!

1) With health you don’t speculate
2) Health cuts = murder

Enough! I’m not selling my future

Por la ignorancia
Through ignorance we descend to servitude, through education we ascend to liberty!

What’s in crisis is the system

This is not a crisis. It’s fraud by corrupt politicians and bankers

There’s still time

Banks and markets are the cancer. Don’t feed them!

1) Re-evolution is possible
2) We are not afraid!

Mortgage: Till death do us part

The system is dead
The people are living

Don’t count any more
We are one

1) There is no future. Do it yourself
2) UK Uncuts #unitedforglobalchange

4 responses to “Somos los de abajo

  1. This is fantastic. Came here on Imogen’s advice. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I agree with the Spanish protesters that it’s a really bad situation, youth unemployment in Spain is so high now… but are they actually protesting for something, or just protesting against? What would they have the Spanish government do? Spend more government money, which means raising more debt, at usurious rates of interest (because anyone willing to lend them money now would be pricing in the rising likelihood of never getting their money back)? Tax the rich at 98% so they all leave? Take all the banks that lost money into government ownership so that depositors lose their money and businesses can’t get an overdraft to see them to the end of the month?
    The protesters need a time machine: they need to go back to 2005 and protest against too many people on modest incomes getting mortgages, too many shiny new houses, governments spending lots of money they didn’t have and people thinking that we could import stuff from China and pay them in IOUs and that would never get to be a problem. But no, let’s have the old good vs. evil again. Makes for a much better day out.

  3. Great photos. The Greek in is something like “We have bad politics” or “we have bad politicians”

  4. This is really a nice series. Some of the signs seem to be in Catalan, but the translations work.

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