What August looked like

A small selection of pictures:

Tous les jours. Murcia. I know, it’s kind of emotastic and everything, but I had to take a picture of it anyway. Another one (in different handwriting) proclaimed: Carmen, vuelve, eres mi vida.


Backpackers’ washing machine, Republic of Užupis, Vilnius.

In Vilnius, when people get married, they often attach engraved padlocks to a bridge and throw the keys in the river.

Šaltibarščiai: Lithuanian pink borscht soup, served cold.

Czy lubisz rude wiewiórki? (Warsaw.)

Don’t you hurt me. Kafe Mir, Oslo.

Harbour sculpture, Oslo.

Wall sculpture, city centre, Oslo.

One response to “What August looked like

  1. Wonderful photos as always. I’m very struck by the ship sculpture, and the fact they chose to depict it sinking…. I wonder how many bleary-eyed travellers do a double-take on first seeing that?

    Also: squirrel! R just saw a grey one in our street; I’ve seen a couple before, and I know some kids found a baby one, but R had never seen them around here and was all happy.

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