If Destroyed Still True #5

ACHTUNG! Your window of zine-purchasing opportunity has now closed. I have removed the donation buttons. I’m only keeping this post up for posterity, or something.

Okay, internet. Here is the thing. I made a whole bunch of copies of this zine, right? If Destroyed Still True #5. I put it together as part of Sticky Institute‘s Target 168 challenge, which was about the Eurovision Song Contest, so I was excited to throw in all my fascinating Eurovision trivia.

But it’s not just about that, either: it’s about my life in Berlin and about my travels and about bereavement and about chance encounters with strangers and about getting hurt and dealing with it.

Here are some reasons why you want it:

  • Because other people liked it so obviously you will too!
  • Because it will drag you away from your computer screen for half an hour!
  • Because I stayed up forever writing and pasting stuff and therefore the world owes it to me to buy it!
  • Because it’s really fucking cheap! Basically the price just covers what it cost to make. Not including the glue stick.
  • Because I am leaving Berlin for good in less than a week and it is not coming with me!
  • Also because the stuff about my life in Berlin is no longer current and makes me feel a bit weird to read over, so I’d rather move on. Take a copy off my hands, and you’re helping. Cheers.

Here is another compelling reason why you want it: because I am offering you two zines for €5 (if you live in Europe) or for €7.50 (if you’re further away), inclusive of paypal fees and FUCKING EXTORTIONATE German postage rates. Actually, you get three zines, because I’ll throw in another Target 168 Eurovision zine by somebody else as well, seeing as I need to rid myself of as much excess as possible before I leave town.

Which other zine will you pick? Choose from:

  • If Destroyed Still True #3: bereavement, abusive relationships, family & travel (reviews at Broken Pencil and It’s Nice That)
  • If Destroyed Still True #4: getting drunk, getting action, and, as ever, travelling (there was a glowing review of it online, I swear, but then the internet ate it!)
  • The Collected Scathings of Ioana Poprowka: a trans woman on Dana International, the Ladyboys of Bangkok, transgender portrayals onscreen, and plenty more besides (review by Sandra Alland)

But hurry! You have less than a week to decide and place your order before this opportunity disappears forever!

Your challenge is to spend approximately thirty seconds on doing the following before your apathy or lack of attention span causes you to close the tab with a mutter of “oh, I can’t be bothered”:

  1. Click on the button that corresponds to your location!
  2. Type in a postal address!
  3. Add a note specifying which additional zine you would like – If Destroyed Still True #3 or #4 or The Collected Scathings of Ioana Poprowka!
  4. And we’re done! How easy was that? Okay, a little clunky, but well worth it. You will receive exciting stuff in the post shortly. Thank you for your custom.

2 responses to “If Destroyed Still True #5

  1. I read it today – on the bus! It’s really good. I’m glad you did it, and it exists, even though you’ve moved on, it captures the moment you were in at the time a lot more unselfconsciously than if you’d tried to write about it after I reckon.

  2. Tremendous value! I have ordered and look forward to IDST5. :D

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