Berlin walls

(That sheep gets everywhere.)

This one’s untidy, but fucking huge. The internet translates it as: The dividing line is not between the top and bottom but between you and me. (in German)

I miss you.

6 responses to “Berlin walls

  1. that last one’s a little bit heart-breaking, and beautiful… edinburgh graff is so lame by comparison.

  2. I love that last one too.

  3. Oh wow. That’s amazing…. I wonder what the story behind that last one is?

  4. wonderful. my favourite graffiti in Cologne is one that says “Du bist was, du kannst was—also geh raus und mach was”. Or a huge side wall of a house covered entirely in a mural of a tongue-in-cheek “Dutch-style” peasant scene.

  5. i live really close to most of these but never really noticed them (except for the big ones i guess).

    like your blog by the way, just found it via StG. hope you enjoy berlin.

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