Brussels in pictures

I’m rubbish at being a tourist. Most of the time I don’t even try. I went to Reykjavík and didn’t visit the Blue Lagoon. I went to Sydney and didn’t see the Opera House. I’ve been to Barcelona four times and I’ve still never gone near La Sagrada Familia.

Instead, I mostly wander around and take pictures of walls.

I also checked out what was on offer at the flea market, safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t buy anything – not only because I have no money to spare, but because I have no room in my luggage either.

Finally, here’s the Manneken Pis, standing in for all of Brussels’ conventional tourist attractions. He was dressed as a plumber.

2 responses to “Brussels in pictures

  1. My abiding non-memory of Brussels is Café Central wherein they serve some superstrength drink I think may have been called Death Beer.
    This led to flash memories of ceile dancing to techno with my mother and brother (last family holiday EVER!). There’s another place nearby called the zebra bar which has impossibly hot nonchalant waiting staff.

    There’s also some giant stainless steel atom somewhere in the suburbs which is, well, dull really.

    This is everything I know about Brussels, I also suck at being a tourist, glad to be of service.

  2. hey my favourite number, these are great pics. We would be good tourists together, all my pics of amsterdam are of walls. They have good walls. Much love and keep the lovely photos coming! xoxo S

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